Crazy In June

Dave Coey 2009

I awoke in the sun
I sent word up the line that a life’s begun
Six months and a day
I kissed all of my family and now I wait 
Here’s my graduation
Skip the college station

Crazy in June 
We’re here to bloom 
Buds of May ‘til today we’re young lovers 
Green and naïve
Clueless but we’ve 
Sown our seeds in misdeeds of young lovers

I passed out in the rain
Hung-over and sleepy my white shirt was stained
My last night on the town
These changes will force a guy to settle down
Hear that child wailing
My best efforts failing

Yeah my head is spinning
Yeah from rushing in

Cat Burglar

Dave Coey 2008

Night, I scale the drainpipe, and open the skylight.
Then descend the knotted rope I’ve anchored tight
Red, blue, green are the wires I clip. Careful not to trip
the alarm that gives authorities the tip.  I slip
dressed in black from head to heel.
All to steal.
Sense all silent sentries.
Don’t disturb them.
Treading softly like a cat
implements in my black pack
They won’t know what hit ‘em ‘til the morning

I prowl the shadows 
How no one knows 
Slide through the keyholes 
I pass right through the walls like a ghostly
Cat burglar

Days, I case them in disguise just to analyze
Electrician, plumber I familiarize with my prize
Once I’ve sneaked my way inside 
Trust my instincts as my guide 
Got no master key or combination
Hear those tumblers as they click
Custom stethoscope’s the trick
There’s that seventh number 
Open wide!

This is no two bit smash and grab
Let Serbs and Montenegrins have at that
It’s cat and mouse for the detectives
Though I know they secretly respect me

The Spring

Dave Coey June 2011-June 2012

You have built your castle on a shifting stretch of sand
On an eastern desert where sea meets land
Safe within the earshot of the muezzin’s call
Fortified position behind mosaic walls
What do you bring, to the spring?

Teach a lesson to the riff-raff
Blame the students for the bloodbath
After the tears and the funerals
What will you sow? What will grow?
Aim the missiles at the minions
To silence their opinions
It ain’t a riot it’s the real thing
What will you bring, to the spring?

It’s a simple contract wrote of blood and oil
Pay for their necessities so they stay loyal
Monitor opponents on a secret list
Under your persuasion and an iron fist
What will you bring, to the spring?

But you can’t let go
For they’re chanting just beyond the door
Outside the window a Song Thrush sings
It’s your winter, but it’s their spring

We are in the grandstands watching everything
Trepid speculation how you’ll weather spring
You should leave this castle ‘fore it’s razed unto the sand
Spare the lives of innocents, let healing mend

As-salaam alaikum

Aim the missiles at the minions
To stifle their opinions
It ain’t a riot it’s a real, real thing

Inspired by The Arab Spring, particularly Syria’s.

Then Wake Me      

Dave Coey 1995

Sleep well you angel live your heart’s fantasy
Dreaming moon streaming in
And when the morning gives, to you and me the sun again
Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and wake me

Sleep while I’m counting tiles and spider webs
Wishing what could pass for dreams
And when the morning comes my weary soul will welcome
Wipe the sleep out of your eyes then wake me
Then wake me

I’m listening to you sleep
After counting a hundred sheep
But I don’t want to miss a thing in the morning

Sleep while I listen to trains in the distance
God knows where they’ll roll tonight
And when the mornin’ creeps, God willing I’ll be dead asleep
Wipe the sand out of your eyes then wake me
Then wake me

Summers come and lovers go
I’ve written rhymes to let you know
You blew your wish once to the wind
I hope you need not wish again
And may you never hurt, and may you never cry
Only tears of love your arms open wide
We’ll take a leap of faith from the deep end of the sea
Baby you’ll soar the cerulean skies with me
Then wake me

Sleep well you angel, live your heart’s fantasy
And in the morning wake me, wake me

You Were The One

Dave Coey 1998 and 2010

Now that you’re gone hindsight is 20/20
I had no regrets then but now there’s plenty
To see all I can I turn the focus wheel 
The lay of the land in cross hairs and glass and steel

I lie awake in bed, swearing in my car
Licking my wounds and cursing the scars 
Thinking of you and knowing you’re all that mattered 
‘Cause you were the one

The city of light well Paris will have to wait
‘Cause I’m taking in sights on detours and byways 
Contrast insight like balance and all the rest 
They appear in your life on the heals of little tests

Do I make myself sound sad?
Come to think of it, it’s not that bad

Don’t have to share the bed, I’m singing in my car
Healing my wounds and nursing the scars 
There was a time I thought you were all that mattered
‘Cause you were the one

The Road Less Traveled

Dave Coey June 26-July 9, 2012

Your life is so magnetic
To chaos and things frenetic
What’s learned and what’s genetic, here?
Maybe the drive will ease your mind
Though you’re not the introspective kind
Once you get out there who knows what you’ll find?

You’re taking the road less traveled
The outcome’s a mystery
On the road less traveled
What you think is who you’ll be

Western horizon pink on green
The prettiest clouds you’ve ever seen
No doubt it’s someplace he has been
Up on the canyon walls at night
Shadows play tricks before your eyes
Coyotes coursing through the night cry

And you’ll be tested with these trials
As the gauge ticks off the miles
A million thoughts dart ‘round your head
It could be so much easier to blow this off instead, instead

Inspired by the grieving of a woman who lost her child.

From Your Star

Dave Coey 2009

I think you’re everywhere. Breaking out in banners all around the Fair
Who would think that “yes” would be profound yet, there’s a word that matters
You’re passing through a cloud. Lamenting your departure is a sullen crowd.
There’s nothing left to do but grieve aloud, ‘cause that’s what matters

You are, you are, watching me from your star.
You are, you are, watching me from your star.

You’ve seen ‘em come and go - streaks in Canis Minor with an afterglow -
Always getting loaded at the after show, ‘cause that’s what mattered.
I’ll spell out for you. We could’ve shown a little more gratitude
You should know that we all looked up to you, ‘cause that’s what matters

You are, you are watching me from your star.
You are, you are watching me from your star.

Tell me the things that you’ve seen
The books, the films, the magazines
I’ll bring the melody, the mystery, the malady.
I’ll keep climbing if you’ll hold the ladder
You can help if that’s what matters

You are, you are, watching me from your star.
You are, you are, watching me from your star.

Inspired by the passing of a friend, philanthropist, and loyal supporter.


Dave Coey 1994

Something grips you like I’ve never seen
Something got into you recently
Could be your drug if your love for her wanes 
Do you think of that when you search the plains?
Out there alone when the sun fades

He runs free in the desert she’s lonely you don’t mind
‘Cause you’ve been out there waiting like a long lost friend

You saw him in the desert that night
Down at the end of your left headlight
To him you’re just another lasso
Choking his neck as he tries to bolt
Out where the wild horses run

Oh and where is she in all of this?  Lonely ‘cause you’re always on the watch
Looking for Copperhead through Bush field glasses
She thinks the worst when you are gone, the worst when you are gone, the worst when you are gone

That’s good conquer the thing that you love then
What if she tried that on you my friend?
You can’t just love it and call it your own 
Copperhead runs with the winds that blow
Copperhead runs with the wind

I’m Not the Enemy

Dave Coey 2009

You took aim on a friendly mark
And launched a firestorm of orange glow that pulses in the dark
And I’m writhing in the throws 
What confusion has given you the notion I’m the foe?

‘Cause I’m not the enemy, I’m not the enemy
So when you’re done shouting you still gotta talk to me
I’m not the enemy, I’m not the enemy
Yeah when you’re done shouting you still gotta talk to me

You got a target in your sights
You found a way, to get even for too many sleepless nights
Misdirection of a wounded heart
Oh brother draw the bead right from the start

Please don’t lay into me I’m your friend
I haven’t crossed you so cool your jets

The storm was gatherin’ – I watched it all
It came burning through here…accelerated by anger and alcohol
There was no shelter for friend or others
When you’re takin’ aim, I’m taking cover